Bed Bugs In Your Newspaper!

Bed Bugs are traveling by Newspaper!

AUSTIN, Ind. (WDRB) – Some residents in Scott County, Indiana, say when they open up their copy of “The Giveaway,” they’re getting more than just the top headlines.

For the past couple months, Austin resident Tonya Collins says she’s been cautious of bed bugs in her local newspaper.

“I had been checking it outside before — shaking it off before I take it in,” Collins told WDRB News.

But Wednesday morning, she says she found an unwanted surprise in her weekly copy of “The Giveaway.”

“I took the plastic wrapper off, and I started sorting it to go through it,” Collins said. “I opened up the first page, and there goes little bed bugs crawling across.”

Collins says she knows what bed bugs look like because of seeing them at a previous job. So she ran straight outside to warn her neighbors.

“Oh yes, I know they can cause major problems … It can ruin your entire house,” Collins said. “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

“The Giveaway” is published by Green Banner Publications. Owner Joe Green says when the first bed bug complaint came in a couple months ago, the facility, offices and trucks were checked out, but nothing was found. He says the same thing will happen this time around, including looking into paper carriers.

While Collins says she enjoys reading the weekly news and happenings, she says it’s just not worth the risk anymore.

“I’ll probably continue to take it straight to the garbage,” she said.

Source: WDRB Media.