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Dormitories and Fraternity Houses

Don't Let Bed Bugs Interrupt your Studies

Late night cramming for the mid-term exams, binging Netflix, and partying until the sun comes up … it’s all fun & games until someone gets bit in the arm!
It’s never a good thing when mom gets a call from the university that her daughter has been bitten numerous times by bed bugs.
Freshman aren’t afraid to try some crazy things to get rid of bed bugs. “If it’s on the internet, it’s gotta be true, right?” Spare yourself the pains of chemical reactions, infestations, fire hazards, and legal disputes – contact us today to learn what unit would best work for your college, university, or frat house.
Recommened Heater


Designed for rooms up to 600 square feet. Operates on (2) 220/240-volt or (2) 265/277-volt 20-amp circuits and (4) 110-volt 20-amp circuits. 

Pest Control, Hotels, Condos

  • Built-in fan
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • Built and designed in the USA
  • 47,428 BTU
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23”x12”x18”
  • (1) BK15-277 unit
  • (2) 15’ 110-volt extension cords
  • (2) 50’ 110-volt extension cords
  • (1) 20’ 277-volt to 220-volt extension cord
  • (1) 50’ 277-volt to 220-volt extension cord
  • (1) 20’ 277-volt extension cord
  • (1) 50’ 277-volt extension cord
  • (2) High-Temperature fans
  • (1) Infrared temperature gun
  • (1) Instruction card
  • (1) Instruction DVD
  • (2) Sprinkler head covers
  • (1) Year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor
  • (2) Year manufacturer warranty on resistors
  • Shipping in the contiguous US is included in the warranty
Recommened Heater

Black Widow

The Black Widow direct fired, forced air heater has a powerful heating range between 100,000 – 500,000 BTUs per hour. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and is the propane heater of choice when heating residential homes, large warehouses, apartment complexes, and more. The Black Widow’s specially crafted ergonomic handles and 13″ flat free tires with solid steel wheels make it easy to transport around a job site and even up stairs. It features a 100% stainless steel burner and manual fuel flow control valve for easy adjustability and accuracy. Sleek design and attention to detail solidify the Black Widow Direct Fired Propane Heater as an industry best. Proudly made in the U.S.A. with a workman’s touch to ensure durable, functional equipment you can rely on.

500,000 BTU/H

  • Built-in fan
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • Built and designed in the USA
  • Can be operated with a generator

Direct Spark

7-14″ WC

1-3″ WC

Accordion Content


3/4 HP



1 Speed

140 Lbs


48 x 31 x 33

1 Year Parts & Labor 


DUNS:  01-928-4024


NAICS: 325612, 333413, 333415, 335210, 424690, 561710

PSC/FSC: 4520, 4460

Certifications: CSA Approval Available

Socio-Economic Status: Small Business
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